The Manpower Company Limited

The Manpower Company Limited (TMC) is a human resource management and process outsourcing firm in East Africa. Since its establishment, TMC has gained a reputation for provision of world-class services to clients across all industries.

TMC provides complete HR capital development and management solutions, including Executive Search, Employee Outsourcing, Payroll Management, HR Strategy, Organization Development and Training & Development.

As a strategic tool, managing the key resource of human capital relieves businesses of HR responsibilities and enables them to focus on what they do best. In addition to allowing businesses to concentrate on their core activities, it has attractive distinctive outcomes, typically resulting in:

  • Reduced compliance risk and employment liability.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity across the business.
  • Improved labour cost management.
  • Reduced cash outflow and optimised resource utilization.
  • Augmented awareness of risks associated with policies, processes and procedures.
  • Ensured compliance.
  • Improved employee engagement, training, development and succession planning.
  • Rapid access to a pool of seasoned employees hence reduced uncertainty.
  • Reliable source of temporary staff to cover during employees’ time away.
  • Increased flexibility in staffing where forecasting is influenced by external factors.
  • Greater understanding of the state of current people practices.
  • Enhanced industrial peace through mediation and conflict resolution

Our experience in providing comprehensive labour services for business and large projects across the East African region, our ability to deploy rapidly and our access to a large pool of human resources with varied knowledge and experience makes us a worthwhile partner for turnkey projects and expansion programs. Our partnership enhances your ability to focus on your core activity and minimises common pitfalls in labour management.

TMC has its main offices in Nairobi, with services rendered across the construction, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and business sectors.

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